Zabbo: The App that Stops Fraud On-Chain

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Do you remember why you even got into crypto in the first place?

For many, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology provided an exciting, new, and welcoming space with endless opportunities. Just ask any degen and they can recall their first transactions on-chain, the communities they joined, and friendships made.

However, these stories are almost always followed by hard lessons taught by scammers, hackers, rug pulls, and fraudulent exchanges. Losing funds to a scam or even a mistake like misplacing a seed phrase is a painful fact of life in Web3. And the ease with which one can suddenly lose all their money has kept legitimate businesses and new customers from joining the space.

Until now.

Meet Zabbo! a fraud-busting payments app that uses the power of blockchain technology to prevent fraud. It is a Web3 native solution to the problems that plague transactions on-chain and off. User’s get the best of both worlds, security from fraud plus transparency, accessibility, decentralization — all with built-in legal protections and low transaction fees.

Users can easily make payments, swap NFTs, and trade coins, all with the peace of mind that their legal rights are protected if something goes wrong. So whether you’re a freelancer looking to set up escrow payments for your work, an NFT enthusiast looking to trade your collection, or a business owner who wants to attract new customers in Web3, Zabbo can facilitate all of your needs and more.


  • Can use Zabbo pay to securely receive payment for their work, knowing that funds are pre-appropriated in an escrow-style contract and will be released when the work is completed.
  • If something goes wrong, both parties can resolve disputes through Zabbo’s arbitration process or bring their case to the US court system.

Fraud Protection

  • Investors in coin and NFT projects can protect themselves from fraud by escrowing payment until the project delivers on its promises.
  • If the project breaches or pulls the rug, Zabbo’s dispute resolution service ensures that investors get their money back.
  • You can use the same protections for any investment or purchase when you pay in cryptocurrency.

NFT projects

  • Increase investor confidence and secure higher prices by setting up payments through Zabbo escrows.
  • Protect yourself from claims of fraud by escrowing NFTs so that the buyers have an opportunity (and responsibility) to inspect their purchase.
  • Pre-load contracts to pay team members or other businesses at set time schedules, ensuring that funds are available for work.
  • Resolve disputes through Zabbo’s arbitration process if there are any issues.


  • Give your prospective and first time customers the confidence to do business on-chain by offering them an escrow payment option through Zabbo.
  • Use Zabbo’s smart contract feature to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as paying bills or sending invoices.
  • Resolve disputes through Zabbo’s arbitration process if there are any issues with the transaction
  • Use Zabbo’s court-connectivity to take legal action if needed.

NFT owners

  • Use Zabbo’s peer-to-peer NFT trading feature to sell your NFTs to other collectors without incurring the unfair fees that platforms like OpenSea charge.
  • Swap a combination of multiple NFTs and tokens with others collectors at once with each side sending their assets to an escrow-style contract so they each have the opportunity to inspect before the swap goes through.

Token Traders

  • Easily execute swaps across multiple chains: Avalanche, Ethereum, Jurat, Polygon and Solana.
  • Zabbo allows you to keep custody of your own assets while migrating between chains so that you do not give up control to a centralized cross-chain bridge or other shaky protocol.
  • In the event something goes wrong, users have access to Zabbo’s dispute resolution services to fix the problem.

While these are just a few examples, they demonstrate the impact Zabbo can have across the entire Web3 space and help support Web2 users who want to conduct business on-chain.

Gone are the days of being scared of crypto. Blockchain technology is here to revolutionize the way we transact on a daily basis and if you’re ready to take your payment game to the next level, sign up for Zabbo and experience the future of decentralized finance.