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The JTC Coin (called a “Jurat”) is a consumer protection version of bitcoin. We created JTC via a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain as of Block Height 717808 (January 8, 2022). The fork is its own separate blockchain network called JuratBTC. 

Most owners of BTC have automatically received JTC. Our network mirrors the Bitcoin network accounts as of block 717808 on January 8, 2022. So if you owned bitcoin as of January 8, 2022, then you also own the equivalent amount of JTC.


You can access your JTC coins by setting up the JuratBTC wallet. The wallet software is available for download on the Jurat website at www.jurat.io/wallet/. A desktop version of the wallet for Windows and Mac OS is available now. It will be released for mobile on the AppStore and PlayStore soon.


JTC is a consumer protection version of bitcoin. It provides all of the same functionality as bitcoin plus it can respond to instructions issued by a judge. 

For example, if a hacker steals your JTC or a fraudster tricks you into sending it, you can go to court to get it back. If you prove your case, the judge will issue an order instructing the blockchain to return your JTC and the network will comply.  This function is not available with bitcoin, which is why criminals often use it.

For more information please see How it Works and read our Whitepaper.


No. JTC is not backed by BTC and their prices are independent. Prices are set by markets once a coin is publicly traded. BTC has a price because it is publicly traded but JTC is not listed in any market of which we are aware. Therefore, there is no market price nor price feed for JTC. Once there is a public market for JTC, the market will set the price, and we will update the wallet to show it. In the meantime, you should do your own due diligence and value JTC for yourself.

Yes. You will need to download the JuratBTC Wallet in order to see your JTC account and send JTC transactions. The JuratBTC wallet is a customized version of an open-source wallet. You can access the git here https://github.com/bitpay/wallet

When setting up a wallet for a forked account, it is a good practice to first move your bitcoins to a new account. We recommend that you set up a new wallet (for example the Coinbase wallet) and transfer your bitcoins to it.  Then set up the JuratBTC wallet with the recovery phrase from your old wallet. Once you have done so your old bitcoin address will be available in the JuratBTC wallet. You will find your JTC in that old account. 

You have two options.

If you hold your bitcoins on an exchange then you will not be able to access your JTC through the exchange unless the exchange adds support for JTC.  If your exchange does not currently support JTC then you should contact them to request that they add support and refer them to us for information about how to add it 

The second option would be to go to court so that a judge can order that the JTCs be transferred from the exchange address to a new address you create using the JuratBTC wallet. For information about how to do so, you can contact us at [email protected].

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