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Join the global Jurat community that is dedicated to building a blockchain that enforces legal rights on-chain.

Jurat Early Adopters Club badge
Jurat Early Adopters Club dark colored badge

Become an Early Adopter

Our Early Adopters Club (JEAC) is designed to support the earliest members of the Jurat ecosystem. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, however, membership is limited. Those that apply and are not accepted can still participate in our community.

Those selected to be part of the JEAC will receive a gift in the mail and first access to $JTC and our beta programs for new products.

Cryptocurrency mining with Jurat 500*500

Become a Miner

Jurat is now accepting applications for mining. If you are a lawyer, you can now apply to be one of our miners.

We are adding Jurat capability to popular public blockchains by creating hard forks. All accounts and contracts on the prototypal blockchains are mirrored on our Jurat chains. So users already own Jurat digital assets and can start taking advantage of our safer version immediately, with no additional cost.


We have teamed up with Zealy to bring our ambassador program to life. Earn rewards such as $JTC and swag by completing challenges with other Jurat fans.

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