Jurat Early Adopters Club

Jurat Developer Grant Program

Be one of the first to join the Jurat Network and receive free $JTC, a special care package, content access, and more. Info below👇

— The Jurat Early Adopters Club is designed to support the earliest members of the Jurat ecosystem. As a benefit of your early support, you gain first access and special benefits through the Jurat ecosystem.

This includes:

  • A secret care package 👀
  • .5 JTC token sent to your address
  • A special role in the Jurat discord
  • The opportunity to have your creative works published in the Jurat newsletter

The program is an opportunity for those interested in protecting legal rights on-chain to join a community of like-minded individuals and have first access to the $JTC token and patent pending escrow technology.

In order to join the program, fill out our short intake form located here.

We will review submissions and announce participants across our social media platforms.

There is no cost or commitment to participate. However, we do ask that you participate in our community and interact with others in the Jurat network.

We are beyond excited to welcome you as a founding member of our network.

Want to keep the conversation going?

Visit our website and Twitter for information on how you can earn free $JTC through the Early Adopters Club and join our community.