Jurat Airdrop Claim

On Friday, March 31 at 20:00 UTC, Jurat will take a snapshot of early participants in the Jurat community. To qualify for the JTC Token airdrop, you must be an active community member. 

Following this snapshot, tokens will be delivered to wallet addresses on Monday, April 3. Those who make IRL purchases and share in our Discord, will increase their odds of receiving future community rewards. 

Jurat is a BTC Fork adds court-connection technology to create a new
coin, JTC, which can enforce legal rights on-chain. Think of it as a consumer protection coin that allows users to recover their assets in the event of scams, hacks, mistakes, or loss of private keys. You can also use JTC to mint JTC ordinals, which are digital assets like an NFT but with the same legal enforcement as the JTC coin. Also, keep a look out for our payments app called
Zabbo this year with unique escrow and arbitration features
launching this year.

BTC accounts as of January 8th, 2022 received JTC 1:1 with their BTC. If you had a BTC account as of that date you can claim you coins using the Jurat Wallet. View our FAQ to learn how to claim your JTC. 

You are early to the Jurat journey for on-chain legal rights…welcome

Fill out this form by March 31, 2023, at 20:00 UTC to qualify for the airdrop.

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