Mint your ordinals on JuratBTC

JuratBTC is the Layer 1 Bitcoin protocol blockchain with court access built in.

Take your ordinals to the next level with real legal rights for you and your buyers




Jurat encodes your chosen licensing terms in the ordinal block space. If anyone violated your terms in the future a judge can stop it with an injunction.

Not Available


You can specify your royalties upfront and on-chain so there are no disputes. If owners sell without paying your royalty, you can reclaim the ordinal as damages in court. 

Not Available

Property Rights

With Jurat ordinals your buyers can protect themselves from losses due to theft and lost keys. A court can help by restoring the ordinal to the true owner, like with IRL property.

Not Available

Mint more for less

Network transaction fees on JTC are reasonable even for a large run of ordinals and the Jurat wallet lets you mint ordinals easily and at a fair price.

Compare the average costs to mint a series of 100 ordinals of 60kb each using JTC versus BTC.

Network Fees

Service Fees

JTC Ordinals

.01 BTC

.05 BTC

BTC Ordinals

.42 BTC

.05 BTC

Claim It

If you own BTC then chances are you also own JTC at 1:1. Download the Jurat Wallet and read our FAQs.

Earn It

If you complete Crew3 tasks to help grow our community we will reward you with JTC in your Jurat Wallet.

Buy It

Still need JTC to mint your ordinals? Tell us how many you want to mint and we will sell you what you’ll need.

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