Introducing JTC Network

The Court-Connected Layer One Blockchain

JTC Network is a branch of Bitcoin with a consumer protection focus. It offers the unique ability for legal recourse under the authority of official courts in the event of a hacks, frauds and mistakes.

A bitcoin protocol payments ledger with decentralized access to courts

The Jurat Blockchain is operated by attorneys who mine it using Bitcoin’s protocols and node core software


Spend your Jurats.

We’ve airdropped Jurats (JTC) to every owner of bitcoin as of Block Height 717808.

To protect your legal rights, keep your BTC and #SpendYourJurats instead.

Freeze an asset in a dispute

Recover lost or stolen coins

Enforce legal rights in court

Need help claiming your Jurats?

JTC miners do well by doing good

The Jurat Network is operated by attorneys who mine it using Bitcoin’s proof of work protocol. Soon we will open Jurat mining to select community members who share our passion for justice, even if you are not a lawyer. Permissioned mining will give community members a chance to earn coins before our final phase when we open the network to legacy Bitcoin operators

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