How To Mint JTC NFT Ordinals

Minting JTC Ordinals Step-By-Step​

  1. The first step to minting your very own JTC ordinal is to download the Jurat Wallet onto your PC, MAC or smartphone.

2. Jurat Wallet lets you keep all of your JTC digital assets in one app. It is a good idea to add separate accounts for keeping your Ordinal and your $JTC coins.

3. Take note of your 12-word recovery phrase and keep it somewhere safe. Don’t share it with anyone or store it online where someone can access it.

4. Ensure that you have enough $JTC coins to pay for your mint.

5. Visit the Ordinals Page and click ‘Mint A JTC Ordinal.’

6. Select the ‘Minting’ option and then click on the Jurat Goat.

7. Select the data you want to inscribe on the blockchain, which can be an image file or plain text.

A) Take note of the supported file types (new file types are being added all the time).
B) Text inscriptions are limited to 12,000 words.

8. If you select text, enter your text in the box, and if you select image, drop your image file into the box and wait for it to upload. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions before clicking continue.

9. (Optional) Select licensing and royalty requirements for your Ordinal. There are four options, and you can learn more about what they mean by hovering over the ‘?’ button. Click the ‘?’ to read the actual licenses on the ordinals explorer.”

A) Personal
B) Commercial Exclusive
C) Commercial Non-Exclusive
C) Custom

10.Set your royalty settings. We recommend you use a unique address to collect your royalties, instead of one you use to mint or hold JTC Ordinals.

11. Enter the Jurat Wallet address where you want to receive the Ordinal.

12. Send the amount of JTC indicated at the bottom of the screen to the prompted JTC address and press continue, or pay with USDC/USDT.

13. Wait for the minting process to be completed. It can take up to 2 hours, and after confirmation, it can take another 15 minutes for it to appear in the JTC Ordinals Explorer.

14. You can find your Ordinal using the Ordinal Explorer. Your Ordinals will also be visible directly in your Jurat Wallet.

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