Decentralized Court Access for Blockchain & Web3

Jurat is a patent-pending system for applying the law on-chain. It connects the blockchain with the user’s chosen court, and reads the court’s orders using innovative protocols. The nodes understand the transactions the court ordered and can execute them autonomously. No intermediary needed — not even an attorney.

Now when problems arise, users can enforce their legal rights without sacrificing the benefits of decentralization.

Jurat in 4 Steps

Generate ID

Use our UI to generate a Jurat Request ID. This unique computer-readable code describes a specific state change to be made on the blockchain ledger such as a coin transaction or a smart contract call.

File a Lawsuit

The user can then file a lawsuit and give the ID to the judge. If the judge agrees that the state change should be made, she simply includes the ID in her written opinion and dockets it as usual.

Docket Connect

Judicial witness nodes access the court’s docket and can recognize the ID when it appears in a court order. The nodes know that the judge has ruled and understand the state change the judge has ordered.

Execute Orders

The blockchain or a smart contract can then execute the judge’s order via a new transaction on-chain. The process runs automatically, without introducing any intermediary or any centralized point of control.

Blockchain's Solution for Legal Enforcement

Fully Decentralized

Jurat enables legal compliance on the blockchain without giving keys to government officials and without introducing intermediaries into the execution process - not even lawyers or law enforcement officials.

True to Protocol

By interfacing with courts at the node level, Jurat preserves the rules and protocols of each blockchain. The network nodes continue to perform their same rigorous consensus process, while users keep their anonymity and private keys.


We retain blockchain security through consensus at the system level and can correct hacks at the individual user level. Each time Jurat helps a user recover stolen assets, the criminals' incentive to strike again is lessened.