Jurat is ushering in the future of blockchain commerce.

Custom solutions for DeFi and Contracts

As a smart contract developer your single biggest problem is that smart contracts just aren’t all that smart. They not only lack visibility into the off-chain world, but off-chain life is also very unpredictable. You simply cannot anticipate and encode every eventuality that might come down the road. These uncertainties have limited smart contracts to niche use cases almost 30 years after they were invented, while smartphones, which came along more than 10 years later, quickly leapt into every aspect of our daily lives.

It’s high time for smart contract technology to make the leap too. Jurat provides the solution. With Jurat, you can build sophisticated products for customers who need access to legal recourse.

Jurat technology:

Protects users’ legal rights



Eliminates barriers to widespread web3 adoption

Here are some of the products you could build by using Jurat’s protocols as an oracle for following the law:

Commercial/Legal Smart Contracts

Jurat technology is set to transform smart contracts into the business-ready tools that are necessary for blockchain commerce to thrive. With Jurat, legal smart contracts will achieve full autonomy while preserving the parties’ rights to a judicial remedy in case of a contract breach.

Smart contract drafters are freed from the impossible task of anticipating and coding for every possible contingency. Instead, their systems will seamlessly align with court orders, ensuring adherence to the UCC, prevailing business laws, and the exact intentions of the parties involved. Smart contracts and the legal system can ultimately work hand-in-hand.

Coin Wrappers

If you have ever lost coins to a hacker or keyed in the wrong address by mistake, you know the pain of wishing you could take back what belongs to you and yet having no way to do so. By adding Jurat to a coin wrapping service, you can provide just that: allowing consumers to add judicial enforcement to the popular coins they already own and use. Jurat coin wrappers & JTC tokenization can also be value-adds for asset custodians who can provide customers safe custody while letting them use their wrapped coins in DeFi.


Jurat integration can pave the way for banks to confidently step into public blockchain DeFi and stablecoins. Currently, banks must hesitate due to blockchain’s “transaction irreversibility,” which could lead to the complete loss of depositors’ funds from a simple error. Jurat solves that problem by offering a court-authorized method to rectify blockchain transactions. This allows banks to fulfill their regulatory obligations while effectively mitigating risks.

Web3 and DAOs

DAOs must comply with the law just like any other corporation. However, unlike their traditional counterparts, DAOs lack a central authority that can control their operations in response to legal developments. Jurat introduces a solution through court-executed smart contract calls. In the realm of Web3, users will be able to rely on courts to uphold their rights, while decentralized services will have recourse to courts for implementing changes and aligning with community decisions.

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What People Are Saying About Us

One of the most innovative and visionary proposals… The revolutionary implications of having changing legal criteria acknowledged and acted upon through smart contracts is groundbreaking.

Once the mass population believes that their rights could be protected and enforced on the blockchain, the mainstream adoption of blockchain would be underway.

[Jurat] will provide a very strong competition to the ‘code is law’ philosophy when deciding whether to side with a court order or with a smart contract’s ‘blind justice’ by just doing what it was programmed to do.