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JTC Network is a branch of BTC, forked as of Block Height 717808. If you owned BTC as of that block, the same BTC address controls JTC 1:1 on the JTC Network. The method to claim your JTC depends on where you held your BTC.

Self-Custodied Bitcoin

If you held BTC in a self-custodied wallet then you can use the Jurat Wallet app to claim your JTC. Just select the “claim your JTC” option and then use the same private key or seed phrase as you use for your BTC wallet. For added security, we recommend that you create a new BTC wallet and send your BTC there before using your private key or seed phrase in the JTC Wallet. NOTE: CLAIMING JTC IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. PLEASE REVIEW THE JURATBTC TERMS ON THIS AND CONDITIONS FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES WHEN CLAIMING JTC.

Stored on an Exchange

Contact exchanges that custody your BTC. If you hold BTC with a centralized exchange, please contact the exchange and request they credit the JTC to you or send it to your JTC Wallet address. After you've set up your JTC Wallet you can automatically generate a request to send to the exchange.

Other Ways to Earn JTC

You can earn JTC by participating in our community. From time-to-time we will announce promotions on our social media channels. Be sure to follow us and turn on notifications. You can also apply for the Jurat Early Adopters Club (JEAC). We select new JEAC members based on their dedication to the community. We look at things ... like consistent participation on our socials, promoting JTC to merchants to accept JTC for purchases, and helping new community members get involved.

You can mine JTC if you are a licensed attorney or law firm. To apply for admission as a miner, fill out the information form. Please make sure to supply all information and be as specific as possible. We will let you know.

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