$JTC Is Live on BitMart

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After two years of patience from the JTC community, we can now finally reveal the first $JTC market to go live is the BitMart Exchange. With particular prominence in the APAC region, the BitMart listing marks a key milestone for $JTC, with further exchange listings soon to be announced. 

$JTC is now accessible to over 9 million users in 180 countries through BitMart with the trading pair $JTC/USDT. These users have the potential to contribute to Jurat’s mission of enhancing the blockchain space with legal remedies and enhanced crypto consumer protection

Users can trade $JTC with USDT by visiting Bitmart, creating an account, and visiting the $JTC trading page. 

BitMart Announces $JTC Listing on X

The official BitMart X page announced on January 5 that the highly anticipated listing of $JTC was imminent. The Jurat community has been growing in the past few months, and intensifying the excitement is the fact that long-term Bitcoin holders who possessed BTC before block height 717808 are eligible to claim their $JTC at a 1:1 ratio for free. 

The listing announcement is particularly significant for those existing $JTC holders because it means that they’ll soon gain a clearer understanding of how the market values $JTC. Simultaneously, those who haven’t been able to claim $JTC can get their virtual hands on the coins that fuel the court-connected branch of the Bitcoin blockchain.

BitMart announced that $JTC would be listed on the exchange on January 9. Source: X.

$JTC’s First Listing Confirmed: More To Come

Getting listed on a leading centralized exchange is an important milestone for JTC. Easy access to obtaining the coin opens JTC’s consumer protection transaction features to everyone and provides a source for those who need JTC to create court-connected NFTs.

According to CoinMarketCap, BitMart’s 24-hour trading volume regularly exceeds $1.5 billion and offers customers over 700 different trading pairs. The platform offers spot, futures, and margin trading with competitive fees and a solid security record to date. Several ICOs have enjoyed notable success after being launched on BitMart.

Being Vigilant to Fraud & Scams

Typically speaking, token listings can be a treasure trove for bad actors to try and steal data and, even worse, your funds. The beauty of $JTC is that the recovery of funds from fraudsters is made easier through on-chain legal recourse. Legal recourse should also help keep fraudsters off of the JTC Blockchain. 

However, that does not mean to say they won’t give it a go. Exercise caution when purchasing tokens and only use links posted by official channels. There is peace of mind in knowing that you have effective access to court if you get into trouble, but it is even better never to need to use it.

$JTC’s Use Cases and Tokenomics

The JTC blockchain is a branch of Bitcoin created on January 8, 2022, at Block Height 717808. The JTC branch is designed to tackle legal and regulatory challenges that have limited the capacity of blockchain technology to achieve mainstream adoption. 

$JTC is the native cryptocurrency at the heart of the JTC blockchain. It allows users to freeze disputed coins and recover coins in the case of theft, fraud, accidental transactions, or the loss of private keys. 

JTC provides legal recourse for tokenized real-world assets and digital art NFTs. Owners can pursue their claims in court, whether they involve copyrights in an NFT or property rights in a digitized deed for real estate.

$JTC’s supply is limited to 21 million, precisely like $BTC, eliminating the threat of inflationary pressures eroding its value. 

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$JTC plays a central role in Jurat’s plans to create a legally compliant blockchain industry. 

Final Thoughts on the $JTC BitMart Listing

$JTC is arguably the world’s first cryptocurrency created with compliance and recourse at the forefront of its ideals. It opens the door to a brighter future for the blockchain industry where mainstream adoption from individuals and institutions is made possible by on-chain legal recourse. 

The $JTC listing on BitMart went live on January 9. Subscribe to Jurat Network notifications on X, and join our Telegram and Discord communities to get the latest information about $JTC.