JTC To List On WhiteBit Exchange: Here’s What You Need To Know

Jurat and WhiteBit logos with Jurat coin

$JTC, the native token of the JTC blockchain, will be listed on WhiteBIT on March 5 with the trading pair $USDT/$JTC. 


With the bull market kicking into high gear, hundreds of billions of dollars are flowing into Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies, bringing with it plenty of unwanted attention from regulators. $JTC is designed to bridge the gap between regulators and the market by offering a blockchain network with on-chain legal remedies. 


The 21 million $JTC coins build on the Bitcoin philosophy with on-chain legal tools designed to give users peace of mind and provide both regulators and users with the necessary tools to overcome the specter of hacks and scams that have haunted the crypto market since its inception. 


This post delves into the details of the WhiteBIT listing and examines the capacity of $JTC to create a blockchain industry that respects privacy and decentralization while giving regulators and users access to much-needed on-chain legal recourse. 

JTC Prepares for WhiteBIT Listing on March 5

The JTC community is abuzz with anticipation as the project gears up for its upcoming listing on WhiteBIT, a prominent global cryptocurrency exchange that regularly sees over $1 billion in daily trading volume. The official listing date is set for March 5 with the trading pairs $USDT/$JTC.

Jurat and WhiteBIT confirmed the integration with the JTC Network was progressing steadily as the listing date neared. A tweet from the Jurat team clarified that the nature of the JTC as an independent layer 1 blockchain requires a more careful integration process than ERC-20 or BEP-20 tokens.

 Jurat X Post announcing the upcoming listing on WhiteBit

The Jurat team updated the community about the WhiteBIT integration process. Source: X

WhiteBIT: A Leading Exchange With Millions of Users Worldwide

Founded in 2018, WhiteBIT is a global cryptocurrency exchange with millions of users and an especially strong footprint in Europe. Recognized for its focus on security, user-friendliness, and diverse trading options, WhiteBIT attracts crypto traders of all levels and experience. Key features of the platform include:


  • High Liquidity: WhiteBIT consistently ranks among the top exchanges in terms of daily trading volume, an important feature for increasing accessibility and wider adoption of $JTC.
  • Global Reach: WhiteBIT operates in most major European economies, giving JTC exposure to a vast international user base.
  • Advanced Trading Features: Beyond basic buying and selling, WhiteBIT offers margin trading, staking, and other functionalities for diverse trading needs.

Benefits for the JTC Community:

The WhiteBIT listing offers several additional advantages for the JTC community and ecosystem:


  • Increased Accessibility: By leveraging WhiteBIT’s global reach and user base, JTC can attract new users and foster broader adoption.
  • Enhanced Liquidity: Adding support on WhiteBIT brings more traders that can boost JTC’s liquidity, which is good for tighter spreads and efficient price discovery.
  • Mainstream Recognition: JTC’s continued listing on a prominent exchange like WhiteBIT builds on JTC’s growing reputation in the cryptosphere, attracting new users to the Jurat community. 

With its unique features and growing ecosystem, JTC’s offering to WhiteBIT customers is a significant step forward in its journey toward wider adoption.

WhiteBit and BitMart Logos with Market chart in background

WhiteBIT will be JTC’s second listing in as many months, with more expected soon.

JTC and The Price History of Bitcoin Forks

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV), both created through Bitcoin hard forks, have grown into multi-billion dollar projects since their launches in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Their price histories, particularly BCH’s recent rise from $125 to over $300, demonstrate the potential for successful Bitcoin forks in the long term.


Similarly, JTC, launched in 2022, has exhibited promising early signs with its recent trading activity on BitMart. Following its listing, JTC saw a surge surpassing $400, followed by a correction, and currently trades at a significant premium compared to its initial listing price. 


While JTC is still in its early stages, the historical success of prior Bitcoin forks offers a positive outlook. Additionally, JTC’s unique technology, including its on-chain legal framework, distinguishes it from BCH and BSV, potentially offering further user base growth opportunities in the future.


Chart listing JTC with other Bitcoin Forks


Bitcoin and two of its leading hard forks, BCH and BSV, have rewarded long-term investors. 

JTC: A New Chapter in Secure and Legally Compliant Crypto

Fairly launched in January 2022 through a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, JTC has the same scarce supply as BTC of 21 million coins limit along with other core features such as the PoW (proof-of-work) consensus mechanism and halving process. 


Looking beyond the core functionalities of Bitcoin, JTC’s key innovation lies in its integration of legal recourse tools. This forward-thinking approach aims to address the challenges posed by potential regulatory hurdles often faced by traditional cryptocurrencies. 


JTC is a new chapter in the evolution of secure and legally compliant cryptocurrency. JTC’s on-chain legal remedies can foster greater user confidence, potentially paving the way for wider adoption by users and institutions that have so far been reluctant to take on crypto risks and also giving the crypto industry a potential breakthrough with regulators. 

JTC Maintains Momentum with Increased Trading Activity and PFP Ordinals Distribution

JTC Network is rapidly gaining traction within the crypto community. This is due to its innovative technology, which addresses a key need within the blockchain space. The network’s growing popularity is evident in its recent milestone of welcoming 1,000 ambassadors, known as “Esquires.” These ambassadors promote the benefits of on-chain legal rights and the JTC coin. In a unique move, each Esquire received a JTC-themed PFP as a Bitcoin-format ordinal.


JTC and its Jurat technology are gaining recognition, with regular coverage in the mainstream press. Jurat’s crypto regulatory discussions and announcements have garnered significant attention, attracting over 50,000 views.

JTC’s Future and the “Judicial Manager” Feature

While the WhiteBIT listing marks a significant step forward, another major milestone that the community anticipates is the launch of JTC’s Judicial Manager tool. Judicial Manager, which is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2024, offers easy access to Jurat’s groundbreaking solution for bridging the gap between the blockchain and the US court system. 


Key Capabilities of the “Judicial Manager”:

  • Recovery of Lost or Stolen Funds: Users can enforce judicial transactions directly on-chain to recover lost or stolen funds on the JTC Network.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Judicial Manager features provide transparency and accountability by allowing users to check the status of existing judicial transactions and open legal actions. 
  • Streamlined Dispute Resolution: Court cases related to JTC blockchain transactions can be posted directly on Jurat’s notifications site, facilitating faster, fairer, and more efficient resolution of disputes.

The Judicial Manager system works hand-in-hand with both the JTC network and court docket systems, with the court’s rulings implemented on-chain by Proof-of-Work miners. This allows for the reversal of fraudulent transactions or mistakes without compromising decentralization, reassuring regulators that the blockchain space can be effectively policed.

WhiteBIT Announces $JTC Giveaway Alongside Listing

As part of the $JTC listing process, WhiteBIT has launched aseveral different giveaways with a $JTC prize pools. Here’s how you can participate:


Here’s how to join the Deposit Race:

  1. Head over to WhiteBIT and sign up: If you haven’t already, register on the WhiteBIT exchange and complete the identity verification process (KYC). Existing users with verified accounts are automatically eligible.
  2. Fuel your account: Top up your WhiteBIT “Main” balance with at least 2 JTC.
  3. Hold your ground: Keep the JTC in your “Main” or “Trading” balance on WhiteBIT until the winners are announced on March 15th.

The event began on March 1st, 2 p.m. (UTC), and ends on March 5th, 2 p.m. (UTC). For more information, read the full competition post and conditions here


Giveaway for New WhiteBIT Users:

Sign up for a WhiteBIT account during the promotion period.

  1. Join the WhiteBIT Telegram channel.
  2. Join the JTC Telegram channel.
  3. Leave a comment on X under the announcement post about the JTC listing on WhiteBIT.
  4. Buy at least 3 $WBT tokens during the promotion period.
  5. Fill out the form with your WhiteBIT nickname, Telegram nickname, X handle, and a link to your comment under the announcement post.

20 winners will be chosen from new users who meet all the conditions and will each receive 0.25 $JTC.

For Existing WhiteBIT Users:

  1. Join the WhiteBIT Telegram channel.
  2. Join the JTC Telegram channel.
  3. Leave a comment under the X announcement post about the $JTC listing on WhiteBIT.
  4. Fill out the form with your WhiteBIT nickname, Telegram nickname, X handle, and a link to your comment under the announcement post.

30 winners will be chosen from existing WhiteBIT users who meet all the conditions and will each receive 0.1 $JTC.

Final Thoughts on the $JTC WhiteBIT Listing

The upcoming WhiteBIT listing is an exciting moment for the JTC community, opening doors to more users and spreading the word about the new coin for on-chain legal rights. This new listing follows JTC’s impressive debut on BitMart, highlighting the growing interest in crypto with on-chain legal remedies.


Beyond the listing, the JTC blockchain’s innovative features, like the Judicial Manager and JTC Ordinals, further solidify its unique position in the blockchain landscape as Bitcoin’s legally savvy cousin, proving to regulators that blockchain technology can be safe for consumers without giving up on decentralization and privacy. 


As $JTC’s second major CEX listing goes live, stay informed and engaged by joining the Jurat community on X, Telegram, and Discord